Mt. Vernon is an alternative school with the capacity to serve ninety 6th through 8th grade mild to moderate at-risk students. Approximately 15 percent of these are identified as special education students receiving additional consultative and resource services.

Our mission is to provide all students an opportunity to succeed in character development and academics while becoming more responsible and productive citizens equipped for future challenges.

There are three programs on the Mt. Vernon campus that are each designed to address a variety of student needs.  The Mt. Vernon Middle School program for at-risk middle school students, the Boosters acceleration program, and the Bridges program for Kindergarten through 5th grade.


Holiday Program

Our Holiday Program was a great success!  Students showcased their talents in singing, dancing, and public speaking to their peers, families, and community guests.  Pictures from the event are featured below.  

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Carolina Hurricanes Visit Healthful Living Classes

Representatives from the Carolina Hurricanes visited with our 6th and 7th grades students this week to teach them hockey skills.  Students learned how to hold their hockey stick, handle the puck, and shoot goals.      

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Gingerbread Houses

Thanks to all staff, students, and families who came to our annual Gingerbread House family night.  More than 100 guests enjoyed eating candy and making gingerbread houses with their families.     

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Mt. Vernon Thanksgiving Feast

Mt. Vernon celebrated another wonderful Turkey in the Hole Thanksgiving Feast last Tuesday.  Approximately 365 people shared in the delicious meal that was prepared by students, staff, and volunteers.  Seventeen turkeys were cleaned, prepared, wrapped and cooked by Bridges and Mt. Vernon staff!   Below are pictures of the preparation for, and celebration of, Turkey in …

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